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Why is this person taking pictures?

Hawai'i Mortgage Field Services has been contracted to conduct a routine audit of this property on behalf of the mortgage company. The purpose of this audit is to determine the current occupancy status and condition of the home. If you have any questions, please contact the mortgage company directly.

Independent Contractors

Hawai'i Mortgage Field Services uses local independent contractors to provide services to both Local and National Banks and Mortgage Companies.  If you have encountered one of our contractors in the field, please rest assured that the work that they are doing is legitimate and is being lawfully performed. The inspector or contractor will have a work order to check on a property. Often times this is a simple occupancy check to ensure that the property is still being occupied and has not been abandoned; sometimes the work order will include delivery of a notice. 

Some of these inspections will be related to activities that a homeowner may have requested. For example: refinancing, opening a home equity line of credit, or (we have been told) even adding a solar system.

Whatever the reason for the work order, due to US Privacy Laws and the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, our inspectors and our contractors do not have access to any additional information other than an address and sometimes a homeowner's name, nor are they able to discuss any privileged / personal / private information with anyone.

These inspections are performed by Inspectors and Contractors that have met the requirements for background checks with continuous monitoring and have unique ID numbers in accordance with the Mortgage Field Industry Standards and the:


US Code of Federal Regulations §203.377 

as it pertains to the Inspection and Preservation of Properties.

Please do not interfere with our contractor's ability to perform the work order that they have been assigned. If you have a serious and immediate concern, please call the police. If our inspector or contractor is harassed in a manner that prevents them from fulfilling their assignment or endangers them, they have been instructed to contact the police.

If you have any concerns, please contact our office at:

808-808-HMFS (4637).

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